What is Sugar Hut?

Hello all, I am proud to bring to you something very close to my heart. People who know me, know that my true passion is Music. I have been a musician for the longest time and I have now found something else I am really passionate about... Desserts!

I get the passion from my family along with the sweet tooth. I believe that sweet treats almost always make people a tad happier. It always brings me joy to see people smile when they dig into my creations; they have also constantly egged me on to turn this skill into a business venture and spread the sweetness. So, now I share this with all of you.

No doubt, it will be challenging and I look upon this as an experience that I get to share. Simple things like finding the right ingredients, is in itself a challenge, since they are not available in the country, and it is times like these which compels me to get creative and really understand the ingredients at a very basic level.

The one belief that I have when it comes to food is this - there is no subsitute for quality - and always try to source the best ingredients as they make the final outcome so much sweeter (no pun intended). You can be rest assured the quality will always remain excellent and at no point will there ever be a compromise.

So, without further ado, allow me to put a smile on your face.
Hopefully with every little bite.


  1. Very impressed!Keep it up,young lady!...And daughter of my old schoolmate!
    Take care,
    Urvi (Aunty,I suppose)

  2. Thank you for the kind words! Do follow the blog for updates :)